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Yvonne Depatis-Kupka.Los Angeles, CA. Yvonne Depatis-Kupka is a professional Hollywood hairdresser with additional experience as a makeup artist and actress. Her work has appeared in more than 50 movies and television shows including Planet of the Apes, In Living Color, CSI Miami, In Treatment, True Blood, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and many more. Her husband is "Doc" Kupka, the legendary baritone saxophonist for Tower of Power.

Yvonne received a liver transplant on Dec. 28, 2010. Yvonne was finally able to go home from the hospital on March 28, 2011, three months to the day after her transplant surgery. The in-home care and recuperative process continues to this day.

The cost for such a major surgery and post-operative care substantially exceeds her health insurance coverage and the family's resources, and continues to mushroom. Yvonne was in the hospital for nearly six months, and the in-home care is not covered by insurance. Can you imagine what a six-month hospital bill looks like? Major surgery shouldn't bankrupt a family or threaten to financially ruin their lives. So the Friends of Yvonne and Doc Kupka have organized this medical fund to help cover her catastrophic medical expenses. See Donor List.

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The Federal Tax ID Number for this Irrevocable Trust is 27-6944046.

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A couple of years ago, Doc Kupka started working on a new song based upon the popular societal catch-phrase: "At the End of the Day." Today At The End of the Day is available as a brand new MP3 download for just $0.99 on the Strokeland Records Web site, featuring Tower of Power lead vocalist Larry Braggs with the Lon Bronson All-Stars, well in advance of its general release to the public on the forthcoming Doc Goes Vegas CD. All proceeds from the download of this MP3 go to support Yvonne Kupka. Be among the first to download this MP3 (9.8 MB, no electronic copy protection). We're calling on loyal fans worldwide for 100,000 downloads of this MP3.

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Stephen MacKenzie "Doc" Kupka.Buy Doc Goes Hollywood.

In 2008, Doc Kupka (pictured) released Doc Goes Hollywood, a collection of ballads in a modern "Great American Songbook" style. Included on this CD is Track 5, Yvonne, a touching, moving tribute to the love of Doc's life: Yvonne Depatis-Kupka. You can buy the CD at Strokeland Records or All proceeds from the sale of this CD at either outlet are graciously being donated to the Yvonne Kupka Medical Fund.

Doc Goes Hollywood: Copyright © 2008, Strokeland Records. All rights reserved. Used with written permission. Photo courtesy of

Yvonne Kupka Hears Doc's Song for the First Time

ABOVE: This video footage was recorded some three years ago when Yvonne Kupka first visited the studio to hear Doc's song that bears her name, with their son, Mac. Video courtesy of Craig Carman at Used with written permission.

7. Pray.

Pray for the Kupka family.

This is an emotional and difficult time for the Kupkas. But prayer can work wonders—indeed, prayer works miracles! "Where two or three are gathered in His name..." Please offer a prayer for the family.

Donations are not tax-deductible

The Friends of Yvonne and Doc Kupka have established an Irrevocable Trust Agreement administered by an independent medical fund trustee to govern the proper handling and administration of all donations received. Donations are gifts to Yvonne Depatis-Kupka and are NOT tax-deductible in the United States.

To verify that this is a legitimate fundraising effort and not an Internet scam, visit Doc Kupka's Web site at or the Tower of Power Web site at

Beware of Unauthorized 3rd Party Solicitors

The Yvonne Kupka Medical Fund does not endorse, support, or collaborate with any third party, unless specifically authorized on this Web site as an approved fundraiser in support of Yvonne. If you are contacted by a third party soliciting donations for the medical fund, and that third party is not mentioned on this page of this Web site, you should avoid making such a donation. To avoid the possibility of identity theft, and for your safety, security, confidentiality and protection as a donor, please make all donations by clicking the "Donate" button above, or mail your donation to the address below. NO LEGITIMATE UNSOLICITED TELEPHONE CALLS, E-MAILS, OR OTHER CONTACTS WILL BE MADE TO ANYONE ASKING FOR DONATIONS.

Approved 3rd Party Solicitors:

1. Sal Rodriguez Productions: Benefit Concert, Jan. 9, 2011, Mi Hacienda Restaurant, Pico Rivera, CA. See flyer.
2. Telluride Jazz Celebration, Portion of April 2011 Ticket Sales, Telluride, CO. Details...